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Go off the beaten track to make your business succesful!   Divergent roads shows you the way in a data-driven approach to achieve great results. How? Like so!









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About Divergent roads


Hi! My name is Andries.

 I’m an entrepreneur at heart, an indoor footballer in the weekend. I’m straightforward, down-to-earth and I have a strong passion for data-driven marketing. Just like I can’t stop talking about cars and cooking a good piece of meat on the barbecue, I can’t stop talking about this particular aspect of marketing that has become my speciality. Data-driven marketing. That sounds complicated, but it’s not. Let me explain to you what I do.

Data-driven marketing is simply the continuous process of experimenting, learning, gathering facts and making decisions based on those facts. It is an extension of CRM marketing, sometimes known as growth hacking. 

Working as a marketing intelligence consultant (data scientist in marketing), I built my first customer behaviour predictive model at age 23. In the fourteen years that followed, I’ve gathered experience in all kinds of industries at all kinds of levels: strategically, tactically and operationally.

After years of gaining knowledge in data, intelligence, data science and online marketing, I decided to turn my passion into my own company: Divergent roads. I teach and coach my clients – mainly based in telecom, retail and ecommerce – on how quantitative data analysis can help generate real value.

How? By using data science techniques and translating them into concrete actions and steps, and thus personalising marketing. By discovering which projects generate the most value for customers and organisations, and therefore what the focus should be to achieve even better results.

I like to go off the beaten track (hence the name). I like to think outside the box. Where others turn right, I turn left. And with everything I do, I do it fair. I call it Fair Marketing, a development which is aimed at raising awareness of the impact of products and services on their environment.

Which means: a better connection to the customer’s needs, less energy wasted and less transport to and from the customer. A win-win situation, if you ask me.

Is your company ready for a concrete strategy and step-by-step plan, so that you can learn to use your data better and achieve 𝐬𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐬? Or are you looking for someone to lead your department in this area, to let data analysts and data scientists flourish within your company?

Let’s talk some more. Give me a ring (+31(0)646052063) or shoot me an email at

For which services can you call me?

Data driven projecten

  • Using data for better results in marketing
  • Personalisation en marketing automation improvements
  • Developing data driven products
  • Getting teams/departments to (co-work data driven
The rate for projects starts at €140,- per hour excluding VAT.

I strongly believe in the improvements of results by the use of data, That I also like to work with a bonus-malus arragement: You’ll pay a lower base tariff and we share incremental revenues, but I’m certain that should work out for you!

Interim data driven marketing

  • Team/department lead Marketing, CRM, e-mail
  • Team/department lead Analytics and Data Science
  • Product Owner data driven products
  • Consultant
The rate for interim starts at €125 excluding VAT.


Below an overview of the most important assigments


Consultant and lead Marketing automation, CRM and E-mail
  • Assessed current situation with regards to data-driven marketing and created a 6-month improvement strategy for CRM. Implemented all strategic goals (after 9 months) which were in my scope
  • Changed Marketing Automation from separate campaigns to building scalable, personalized and automated campaigns, e.g. e-mail campaign for arrival with the right content based on a combination of 60+ parks, 4 languages, and 10 products in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Proces for setting up new scalable personalised campaigns
  • Interim manager for E-mail team, lead for CRM and MA, coached analysts, created SFMC training plan and found new SFMC partner for Roompot for training and support

Innovation and experimentation consultant
  • Assessed project way of working in Platform Quality, from Business to Analytics, and IT and how experimentation (data driven) could be applied in their projects
  • Developed an innovation project process based on design thinking, triple diamond and other design principles and tailored to the set-up of projects at
  • Advised three projects on how to drive their innovation project to become more data driven. Moving from product to value focused, and creating a roadmap of ideas to experiment on based on value contribution


Data driven product development for optimising advertisement bugdet
  • Translating Marketing needs to a data product built by Technology. Product is a data-driven flexible sorting for Shopping ads
  • Consulting on test of the product, building models and analysis of the experiment to assess business impact
  • Consulting Technology on data-driven marketing, data sources and product roadmap
  • Working on product roadmap and additional use cases for product
  • Result: Daily automatic adjusted sorting of producta top optimise advertentisement budget based on internal data


Analyst web and app experiments
  • Set-up and analysis of experiments on website and app for and
  • Participation in ideation for new revenue streams.
  • Set-up for recognizing new target group online for focused experiments.
  • Extensive in-seth statistical abnalysis in R, working with R, Hadoop, Hive, Spark.

Albert Heijn Online

Lead Analytics and Data science
  • Responsible for the marketing analytics and data science team and their output (acquisition and churn).
  • Coaching analysts/data scientists in content and becoming more vale adding consultants.
  • Setting priorities with stakeholders and improving effectiveness of the team.
  • Set-up first version of roadmap for a more data-driven marketing (analytics) organization.
  • Hands on: strategic and tactical analyses on propositions and markets.
Pragmatic customer segmentation 
  • Goal project: Developed a behavioural and CRM-data based and practical segmentation for B2B online
  • Segmentation built in R, including both categorical and numeric variables
  • Implemented version for quick categorizing new clients
  • Early detection of possible churners made possible as well
  • Result: Implemented version can segment new customers quickly for better appraoching by marketing


Monetizing (big) data
  • Goal project: monetizing available data (e.g. CRM-, online-, network- and customer service data) on strategic level.
  • Assessment of analytical maturity of departments through interviews.
  • Design thinking applied for generating backlog monetization options across departments.
  • Set up of agile experiment factory for Data Science (way of working).
  • Built of three proof-of-concepts using R for data preparation and building models flows in KNIME to validate and proof the added value of data science to T-Mobile’s board.
  • One PoC: Optimized customer journey in acquiring customers through analysing and building a model on website behavioural data from Google BigQuery of unknown visitors and serve them the page they were most like to have interest in, thus improving sales conversion and generating a lot of value for T-Mobile and consumer.
  • Result: PoC earned back the entire  project investment

How and where can you reach me?

Andries Akkerman

Heuveloord 25j, 3523 CK, Utrecht

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